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Exploring the claims of evolution against the astonishing revelations of observed scientific facts - God’s creation revealed!

[Examing the scientific evidence for the fossil record, dinosaurs, archeopteryx, ape men, Lucy, blood clotting, DNA, enzymes, age of the earth, radiometric dating, carbon dating, Noah's Ark, Genesis Flood, adaptation, homology, fruit flies, origin of life...and much more...]





Know The Truth 777 (KTT) takes you on an exciting journey to examine the scientific data associated with Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design.

Evolution: KTT compares how evolution is taught versus the facts of observed results:

  • The Five Pillars of Darwin's Theory of Evolution: Materialism, Chance, Fossil Record, Homology, and Adaptation/Speciation.
  • 10 Icons of Evolution as taught in our schools systems
  • Dinosaurs - the Grandest Icon of Evolution
  • Age of the Earth - 4.56 billion years Old

Scientific Creationism: KTT explores scientific creationism and its decidedly different view of science and human history as having a foundation based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. The following events/references are considered as real by a young earth scientific creationist:

  • The God of the Bible as a Creator to which the human race is accountable
  • The Fall of Man
  • Noah's Ark
  • The Genesis Flood
  • Job's Leviathin and Behemoth
  • Life, Death, & Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Age of the Earth- 6000-12000 years old!

Intelligent Design: KTT explores the new scientific frontier of Intelligent Design (ID). ID looks at animal and plant life to determine whether we can deduce if intelligence would have been required in the formation of the processes that support life forms. How does it differ from creationism? How does it differ from evolution?




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KTT is available to speak at one-time events (youth/college group meetings, Sunday School, etc.), full-day seminars, or full weekend/retreat seminars. There is no charge for speaker(s). Costs including lodging, travel, meals, and materials are negotiable - with a focus on minimizing your and our costs. KTT777 is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on education, not dollars!.