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Exploring the claims of evolution against the astonishing revelations of observed scientific facts - God’s creation revealed!
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Know The Truth 777 (KTT) is an organization dedicated to examining the material being presented in our schoolrooms, junior high through college, against the revelations of today's scientific discoveries. There are three strategies employed toward this purpose. First, we make available speakers for youth groups and seminars. Second, we maintain a textbook database that allows web visitors to enter any page of their textbook and get a glimpse at "what they aren't telling you!". Three, we provide presentations, video clips (coming soon), sound clips (coming soon), and other material via this web site.

As an organization, KTT promotes young-earth, scientific creationism, a literal reading of Genesis, and, above all, the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ, the risen Savior.

KTT is in its infancy and as such is the vision and dream of its founder, Steve Stuart. Please visit our opportunities page to see how you may be able to join a KTT as a valued volunteer and participant.

E-mail: info@knowthetruth777.org
Website: http://www.knowthetruth777.org